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Before and After

...or Yeah, I fucked up and I need some help!

Were you a dumb ass and decided to go someplace other than OUR shop for your tattoo?!? Yep, you are a dumb ass.
So, you went to some basement dwelling idiot that bought his tattoo machine online and the only example of his artistic merit are doodles on a napkin? What part of "not all tattoo artists are created equal" don't you understand? There is a reason we have a SHOP and those scratchers are forced to scar people in basements and/or garages. Let's be honest, if they are that fabulous, why aren't they in a shop? Are they in some witness relocation program or do you suppose they just suck? They might be both, but most likely they just really suck. Enough said.
So now that we have you convinced you should have come to us in the first place, let's talk about the shit you have on your body--permanently. We will fix it and make it look like you wanted it to look in the first place.
Ok, not going to lie though, sometimes we need a little help when you have really, really, bad ink. We might have to suggest that you see this guy to get it lightened or removed before we can fix it.
If you need another reminder and examples of how awesome we are at fixing the crap that comes through our door, look at our gallery of other bad decision makers...but they did make a good decision coming to us to fix it!